It will always last
Tearing apart the edges
Making new linings

The horrors break
Into a mindset
That tremble, seeking
To release disturbances
That cry out in silence.

Wandering in slumber
Roads detour within,
Cracking the pavements
That never dream
Where the threat is ongoing.

Watching images while
Splitting lines into
Fragments, doesn’t cater to
Portions of the soul
Just fractures the spirit.

The fleeting moments

Makes a quick stop that reaches

Where the past lingers

The hues of blue shades

Deliver purple displays

That the eyes enjoy

The hammer swings through
Bringing the whispers
The tones that beckon
The horrors the continue.

The blows struck
Again, missing targets
Menacing while laying still
In plenty of hidden voices.

There is no calm
When grasping the voided
Fragments, breaking through
Such truths that stir and conceals.

A calm wind brings some
Twirls of air that collapses
The fragments of life

To toil such miseries
The heart no longer
Reaches for hopeful dreams.

The cracks beckon a
Warped desire for
The continuing damages
Creeping into the shadows.

Lighting in full
Retreat, the silence careens
Across the miles as pieces
Continue to fall away.

The recent changes
Of the leaves and their colors
Is just beautiful

Stumbling toward
Answers that aren’t
What’s expected when
Slices of dreams
Is desperately needed.

Skipping fragments
Join creations that
Dazzle, while the pieces
Stay broken where
The passion seems lost.

Hoping to recover from
Numbing effects that
Reaches into darkness
Bringing out the light
Where the damages linger.

CortanaLain aka XELain

Weird, Dark at Times, Creative Poet Writer with bits of Flow, Spacing moments outside thru realms of Life.

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