The grip peels back
Such emotional terrors that
Latch on visible streams
Seizing the entrance of delusions.

The attack comes quietly
Without warning,
Clarifying the hold
Forcing a showdown within.

These crisis grows
Aging in eons’ wrath
That smothers grasping at anything,
Which clings and tones its’ fear.

The explosive thought

Ranged into whats worth for the

Mind that rises free

Was this a worthy
Phase to release the inner
Wrath upon the world

The inkling grows
Into a simmer,
Bouncing the many
Orbs that caress
Their seasons’ brew.

Shouting toward
The healthy flames,
Much of the sparks
Linger and embrace in shifts
Where blazes soar.

Energies thread the
Layers, creating heat
Where spirits flicker
Drifting thru the inferno
Which glows and intensifies.

Beaming into eons’ reach,
Such glaring streams
Burn deeply its’ space,
Changing spheres that
Radiate in mellowed time.

Thoughts crumble into pieces,
Puzzles that aren’t mending
Clinging to the terrors
That mask in clarity.

No longer view the bits
In their reflections,
These fragments create
Many distortions of panic.

Such dread clings
Decorating the horror,
Where the design
Glows within its’ deception.

No longer seen,

Hidden in a crowd

That bustles loudly

The loneliness cuts deeply.

The view has blurred

Which has sharpened

And observed aloud,

Spaced in isolation.

The solitary hasn’t

Brought wonders

Just left abandoned

And often deserted.

The foundation spreads
Spans across the planet Earth
Glowing in beauty

The quiet lies

While insomnia stares,

Waiting for an early

Day to summon

The tumbled slumber.

The whispered silence

Shovels the lack

Of muffled content,

Into low pitches

Where reason doesn’t belong.

Hushed in desperate measures,

The gleeful features

Cry out seeking a deafening

Fabrication that opens

Deceptions clouding the mind.

To write poetry
Allows emotions revealed
The message conveyed

Watching her reveal

The beauty across the land

Natures’ daily show

CortanaLain aka XELain

Weird, Dark at Times, Creative Poet Writer with bits of Flow, Spacing moments outside thru realms of Life.

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