Some long to be loved
Believing the flaws shown
As perfection, in its guise
While the masks are worn.

The heart bellows
Asking for affection,
Being starved instead
With a smirk of light.

Tears flow in detoured
Streams breaking off
Leaving features that
Trace sorrows of fragments.

The move just began

With the thoughts streaming across

Making its journeys

The emotions bare
A resemblance to
Many detours where
Scars ride on histories.

Instincts lost moments
Cradle welcomed mists
Saddling the journeys
Which continue to fracture.

Gut feelings scramble
Facing memories
Gathering in lonely
Plays without endings.

Sentiments long gone
Into a past remembered
That reaches for fragments
In vaporized forms.

Rain pouring showers
Can spin into an immense
Storm that brings thunder

Tears releases the sobs
Which continues to cry out
Riding on the silence
That drinks the terror within.

The features covered
In fragmented lines
Drying into salted cracks
That stays over in fear.

Water deposits spread the
Damages creating close
Connections that seeps
Deep into the abyssal trenches.

Slowing such visions
Drown out the frenzy
Laying low where the heart
Stops becoming numb.

Chilled within the soul
The change wasn’t noticed or
Worth remembering

Wrecked in thoughts
Blinded with illusions
Stumbling to the edge
Where emotions sobbed.

The desires grasping
Wonders beckon the light
Searching for the dream
Which eludes reality.

The mind hungers deeply
Hoping for a redeemable life
That shows, releasing images
When and if, the comfort is there

Burn brightly and pace
The visions that trounce fully
Moving in pieces

The features stare back
At a warm smile telling all
The mask is working

Some quench deeply,
Still rinsing the thoughts
Searching through mazes
That cling to gazes of hope.

The scene explores
A cutting edge, where
The worth detoured
Into a darkened journey.

The silence shuts down
While features glaze over,
Tortured from words
Repeating its’ turmoil.

Stale visions grow
Sharp, when the clarity
Reaches the roads
Where the light dims.

CortanaLain aka XELain

Weird, Dark at Times, Creative Poet Writer with bits of Flow, Spacing moments outside thru realms of Life.

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