Loneliness crawls out
Masking changes through
A gambit of emotions
In oblique stances
Creating its fervor

Crumbling waking
Moments happening
Daily where silhouettes
Break in fragmented
Skies deleting its cause

Insomnia cries out
In virtual shadows
As whispers cradles
The lack of sincerity
Coming in masses

Voices continue to
Whisper their silences
Of damaging fragments
Wandering deep inside
Through hidden detours

Encountered desires
Are quieted while struggles
In screamed notions such
Coverings are an abyssal
Line of watered themes

Much clamoring rings
Out with confusion
That quenches its thirst
For replications which
Tumbles a jagged ending

Marching along a
Divided loop taking
Series of passing
Journeys that dabble
In seasoned woes

The stroll climbs
Over in marked
Travels seeking
Unknown places
To rest upon

Quietly searching
Deep in ones thoughts
Shouts briefly into
An oblivious end pacing
Each vision of truth

Emotional grief stretches
Across eons of mystic
Theories that blend deeply
Of amber lights shining
On horrors melting pot

These sensations gather
Making the turmoil reach
Into depths of images
Crying out for silence
In shadowy forms

Racing through various
Troubles screaming
In bouts of quiet
Formations cannot bring
Comfort among restless spirits


Thoughts grow slowly
Letting emotions graduate
Through circumstances
That shadowed its fear when
A warden bears witness
That punctuates deeply

Gradual visions that
Continue to fragment while
Reasoning never enters
And truth lays hidden
Giving to spread lies
As spectators bend

Seasonal bliss arrives
Bringing chaos of
Misery that wraps
Into voiced whispers

Thoughts speak loudly
Where silence craves
For slumbers emotions
To make a quieted scene

Visions seek solutions
To an angry reckoning
When fragmented journeys
Can spell out such dangers

Horried seas of anguish
Make sleep troubling
As dreams creep
Into living dispair

Sorrow steeps in
Misery where shadows
Weep quietly hidden
In silhouetted desires.

Silence beckons
Hopelessness reaching out
As visions devour
Its victims prey.

Suffering caters
Painful memories
Glazing over
Raptures of agony.

Craving for emotional
Supports that lies
Without comfort
Where torment lives.

Waking dreams crumble
Deeply into whispered
Shadows crying out
In silence making
The quiet heave.

Visions burst slowly
Giving rise to horrors
Felt in motions
Where racing is
A tabled lie.

Illusions breathe
Sighs of relief
When voices hide
Their onyx designs
Moisten in fragments.

Shadows cry out
From the lighted
Corners showing

What is coming
Will bring whispers
Clinging in silence

Releasing their flavor
In sporactic fashion
Where thunder lives

Gaining a darkened view
When the journey no
Longer gives detours

Splash deeply in fragments
That join wondrous thoughts
To cradle words reaching
A coveted release.

Features whisper constantly
In shadows light
Conclusions no longer
Seen as worthy.

Shout in quiet spectacles
Rays which sparkle
Across to dazzle completely
A touch of reason.

CortanaLain aka XELain

CortanaLain aka XELain

Weird, Dark at Times, Creative Poet Writer with bits of Flow, Spacing moments outside thru realms of Life.